Part of a 70,000 acre historic ranch, TERRA farm + manor is a working farm and all-inclusive gourmand guest manor located 45 minutes north of Prescott, Arizona.  Tucked away in the Prescott National Forest, this secluded retreat offers an experience like no other in the world.  Originally a pre-Hopi settlement, the land became a homestead at the turn of the century.  Because it resides on one of the largest aquifers in Arizona, the property is overflowing with native plants and animals that we utilize today no differently than those living there did throughout the past.  Full of captivating history and natural beauty, we believe this land to be a hidden gem in the high desert, and now we want to share it with you.

By combining the rustic feel of old Arizona with the elegant accommodations and luxurious service we provide, TERRA farm + manor allows guests to see the best that the west has to offer while enjoying the comforts of a refined Western estate.  The property, which consists of several structures including the original homestead house, has been renovated to utilize as many natural resources as possible, such as the sun, which is our main source of power.

The guest manor consists of eight rooms including one master suite, a guest lodge, game room, library, two dining rooms, multiple patios and verandas, and the TERRA Culinary Studio.  Its subtle rustic elegance will captivate your senses and take you back to an era of simplicity, where drinks are sipped around the fire before retiring to a dimly gas-lit room, curling up under your long staple sheets, and nodding off to the melodic music of wildlife chattering just outside your window.

TERRA farm + manor caters to the distinctive gourmet traveler who is looking for a luxury experience with a sense of adventure.  Our customized programs allow for hands-on educational training in specialized courses with renowned chefs, farmers, and wine makers. We embrace the beauty and resources of Arizona with a wide range of activities reflective of the traditional lifestyle of the American West. 

The TERRA Culinary Studio combines old world technique with new world innovations. It features a wood fired French stove, handmade stone pizza oven, rustic grilling stations, underground wine cellar, Wolf Sub/Zero professional gas ranges, sous vide equipment, and flat screen instructional monitors. Chefs and guests will be delighted with the equipment as well as the techniques and artistry involved in each meal preparation.  Chefs can find their most creative and playful sides using our farm raised meats and eggs, organic produce, and native Arizona plants. Our farming style is always sustainable, healthy, and humane.

Our all-inclusive epicurean experience consists daily of three meals specific to our guests’ individual tastes plus a nightly cocktail reception, customized cooking, wine, and farming classes, special engagements and excursions that highlight the best that Northern Arizona has to offer, and a wide variety of outdoor activities.

TERRA farm + manor is also available for private corporate events, destination weddings and exclusive family getaways.

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